As media professionals you may wish to reach Mid-Size Business from time to time.

Mid-size business is defined as firms with 100-999 employees. This segment breaks down by number of firms and number of employees, as follows…

in Firm
# of
% of TOTAL
% of TOTAL
100 – 249 125,012 1.5% 18,454 16.6%
250 – 499 30,590 .4% 10,254 9.2%
500 – 999 11,038 .1% 7,327 6.6%
100 – 999 166,640 1.9% 36,036 32.4%
Source: U.S. Department of Labor 2012, Q1 (P)


While mid-size business comprises only 1.9% of all business firms in America, it does employ 32.4% of the workforce.



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Our readers are owners, partners and top-level management of American mid-size companies; defined as companies with 100-999 employees.

The Mid-Size Business network reaches 2,656,171 subscribers and approximately 7,968,513 total executive readers in companies of 100-999 employees.

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We accomplish this by:

  • Selecting the leading publications of each industry and profession.
  • Surveying these publications’ readers to determine their business and professional profiles.
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