Media Marketing Associates has partnered with the BPA Media Exchange (BPAME) to offer a new digital opportunity designed specifically for B2B advertisers.  The BPAME Media Exchange (BPME) is a fully programmatic digital solution for advertisers looking to reach Business Decision Makers and Small Business Owners in high quality, brand safe environments and in a fully programmatic manner.

Key advertiser benefits of this opportunity are:

  • Brand safe BPA audited publisher sites
  • Sites vetted for human traffic
  • Ad-clutter free consumer experience
  • Brand safe
  • Standard ad units
  • Contextual and audience targeting
  • 18 industries from Airlines to Travel and growing
  • Ease of use
  • Fully programmatic – no contracts required
  • Connected with all major DSP’s
  • Layer your own data
  • Launch with as little as one DealID



We have aggregated 21,000,000 monthly unique business executive visitors and 115,000,000
monthly business executive impressions.
Not only are we big. We are focused and flexible. You can focus by demography, industry and
profession or geography.
We are a totally transparent, one-stop, turnkey operation with cutting edge technology and analytics.
And the price is right.



Media Marketing Associates will create website packages that parallel your print buy, or, separate of your print activity.

Please contact Andy Metz at for additional information and a customized proposal.