• This design assures maximum market packaging flexibility for advertisers.
  • Advertisers buy vertical markets most meaningful to their marketing / sales strategy.
  • Advertisers can buy demographically off our database research and narrow cast by vertical market selection within the demographic.
  • In all cases, the buy must be a minimum package circulation of 750,000 per insertion. Publications generic to an advertiser’s effort are excluded. e.g. for bank advertisers, banking pubs must be avoided.
  • Our promise to publishers is to bring them revenue they cannot get themselves.
  • Our promise to advertisers is to deliver executive readers in their most important business publication.
  • Each package chosen will have a built-in 40% discount per insertion.


The magic in Professional Managerial Network packaging is:
  • Its ability to focus advertising on a demographic, industry, or profession target with massive effect and maximum cost efficiency.
  • Its vertical market flexibility is key to Professional Managerial Network value. The ability to place advertiser messages in the leading vertical industry/profession magazines produces preemptive reading among top executive readers.