Here’s the procedure in a typical buy:


  • We create a Big Picture Recommendation from our PMN database that identifies the Network magazines with the highest composition on an advertiser’s target market, e.g. <100 Employees.
  • We create a Recommendation from the Big Picture document that focuses on the industries/professions of primary interest to the advertiser.
  • We add a secondary demographic to the recommendation, e.g. C-Management, if desired.
  • We include pricing.


We will provide magazines, audit statements, material sizes, issue closing and on-sale dates for the publications the client is planning to buy.

Production material handling: We ask agencies to send materials electronically to MMA or directly to publications. We work with you to ensure sizes are the exact specifications.


Agency I.O. comes to MMA/PMN listing all the magazines in the package desired with appropriate advertising headline identity and space price. PMN Insertion Orders go to publications with materials.


PMN arranges positioning of advertising based on the client’s ”reasonable” request.


PMN bills the agency one price for the total package. The agency pays us at net and we pay the publishers according to our prearranged revenue-sharing formula.


We send checking copies as proof of performance to agency and advertiser key personnel.


SPECIAL OFFER: If you find we don’t have a publication you desire, we can go into the marketplace and get it for you according to our model.