Our readers are owners, partners and top-level management of American small businesses; defined as companies with fewer than 100 employees.


We will help you create your own package from our 132 small business magazines covering 62 American business segments.

Here’s an example of this packaging process using 26 of our small business magazines.



We call it
Small Business Select.

These small businesses are run by:


Our Small Business Network covers 62 small business segments with 132 business (B2B) magazines from 56 different publishers. Each magazine is the #1 or #2 magazine in its field.

Recent business magazine reader research by Forrester and Harris Interactive name our special interest business magazines the most important business reading of small business executives.

When you consider there are 8,500,000 business firms in America with less than 100 employees employing 63,779,000 people (57.3% of all adult employees), advertisers have a mammoth market to cover.

We cover 3,863,422 of these businesses.